Children belonging to the Upper Elementary level are nurtured & guided in a way that enables them to develop a deeper concentration of the world around them and the maturity to participate with greater responsibility.

Subjects that are part of the Upper Elementary curriculum include Languages (Hindi & English), Math, World History, Geography, Matter & Astronomy, Zoology, Botany and Health Sciences. Apart from these:

  • Public speaking and circle-time activities impart skills that enable them to make wider social connections
  • They are provided with greater stimulus for abstract thought in subjects like cultural geography, spirituality and astronomy
  • At this age, children develop their own sense of morals, thoughtfulness and spiritual questions. Exposure to yoga, cultural study, vipasana, etc. are given to cater to their inner needs. Students are encouraged to become ‘Peacemakers’
  • We encourage children to internalize ground rules and work better with external authority
  • They develop creativity and originality of thought
  • Children are intrinsically motivated to learn and enjoy academic challenges